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Every announcement from Ubisoft Forward at E3 2021

A full round-up of all the news, feat. Avatar, Rainbow Six, Far Cry 6, and more!

E3 2021 continues apace, and tonight we saw Ubisoft's own stream, Ubisoft Forward, featuring the new Rainbow Six game, a deeper look at Far Cry 6, and a peek at Ubisoft's upcoming Avatar game, a thing that exists now. We've rounded it all up here so you don't have to go back and watch it all yourself when you wake up tomorrow.

We're doing coverage of all the big E3 streams, as well as keeping up to date with bits you might miss - from games shown at the Tribeca Film Festival, to Netflix's Geeked Week, Geoff's Summer Game Fest, and Double Fine's Day Of The Devs! Don't worry. We've got you. But now: Ubi.

Watch Dogs Legion - new Bloodlines DLC

Return to London as original hacker protagonist Aiden Pierce, in order to steal some kind of robot MacGuffin. But oh no, my personal fave catface emojimask boi Wrench has it! Now Aiden's nephew is being tortured and held hostage! What do?!

Cover image for YouTube videoWatch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline Announce Trailer

Rainbow 6 Extraction - new trailer and release date

I feel like at some point I stopped looking at Rainbow 6 and now suddenly it's about aliens. Extraction is a standalone 1-3 player co-op jaunt featuring some classic Siege operatives, but the twist is this time you're all working together against some gooey black alien mutant things. As well as the gameplay trailer below, there was also a fun lil' cinematic trailer with some authentic squad banter (TM).

Cover image for YouTube videoRainbow Six Extraction: Gameplay Deep Dive Reveal

Rocksmith+ - new subscription service

Rocksmith is Ubi's interactive music learn 'em up where you can practice guitar by plugging it in and using it as a controller, basically. It's now getting a subscription service that lets you use your phone as a microphone, allowing acoustic and electric guitar players alike to get involved. It will have a bunch of licensed songs ready to go accross loads of genres (they were careful to note "all sorts of metal sub-genres), plus other improved features, too.

Cover image for YouTube videoROCKSMITH+ PRODUCER INTERVIEW

Riders Republic - new trailer, release date and gameplay

Riders Republic is a game for all sports in which you may be described to ride - biking, snowboarding, skiing. And wingsuits. And paragliding. Let me reassess: if it's a sport you think a guy who's into NFTs and crypto would do on a weekend in Nevada, then it's probably here, and has a fun hat on. In this extended vid, we see a big chunk of the game in action. Perhaps most importantly, we got a release date of September 2nd. Surprisingly close!

Cover image for YouTube videoRiders Republic - Deep Dive Trailer

Rainbow Six Seige - new operative animated trailer

We got an animated trailer for the new operator, Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a defender operator, and is debuting in the North Star expansion next week. We also learned that the game is getting crossplay for PC, Amazon Luna and Stadia - though not consoles.

Cover image for YouTube videoTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege - North Star - I met a pilot

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Seige Of Paris, Discovery Tour first look, plus future Year 2 DLC tease

Valhalla's Discovery Tour mode is going to be a bit different, allowing you to perform chores of an ordinary sad peasant's life rather than a mighty Viking raider. Can't wait to hammer a few logs. There was also a wee sneak peek at the upcoming Seige Of Paris DLC, and a tease for a whole second year of updates and an as yet unannounced expansion...

Cover image for YouTube videoAssassin's Creed Valhalla - Ubisoft Forward June 2021

Far Cry 6 - new cinematic and season pass trailer

We got to see what looks like a full cinematic from the game, where Giancarlo Esposito's dictator Antón Castillo has an entire boat full of people murdered for the crime of hanging out with his teenage son Diego. Listen. He's firm but fair.

Cover image for YouTube videoFar Cry 6: Meet the Villain: Antón Cinematic | #UbiForward

There was also a tease for the season pass for FC6, which includes at least three bits of DLC. You get to play as Far Cry's ghosts of dickhead past - previous baddies Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed, running around their own minds. Welcome to my dark twisted nightmare. Also you just get the Blood Dragon spin-off for free as well.

Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora - new game reveal

We knew they were working on an Avatar game, but now that it's been revealed, named, and given a release window of 2022, I suppose I'll have to believe my own eyes. It's a first person action adventure where you play as a Na'vi. Bet you a million dollars they're not brave enough to put the hair sex in it.

Cover image for YouTube videoAvatar: Frontiers of Pandora – First Look Trailer

E3 2021 may be over but our memories live on - see everything on our E3 hub. Many more big game showcases and streams are still to come this summer, leading up to Gamescom, so see our summer games stream schedule to stay up to date.

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