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Assassin's Creed Valhalla is heading to Paris this summer

Plus more DLCs are on the way next year

Hot off the heels of Eivor's Irish tour, Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be shuffling us off to Paris this summer. We got a new look at the upcoming DLC The Siege Of Paris at tonight's Ubisoft Forward event, and it seems Ubi have even more viking adventures planned for us over the next year too. From a Discovery Tour that'll let you see how the regular folks in viking times lived, to more DLCs next year (that might be taking us to Muspelheim).

Like most of Valhalla's quests, the Paris expansion will involve forming alliances, finding enemy secrets, and plenty of sieging. The game is also bringing back infiltration missions, which essentially drop you into a quest with no instructions on how to complete your goal. There's no exact release date, but it's coming out this summer.

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For those of you who enjoy the historic aspects of Assassin's Creed, rather than the killing, Ubi are releasing something called the Viking Age Discovery Tour. It's a free update coming this autumn for everyone who owns Valhalla, and lets you roam around as a regular viking civilian, and see what their lives are like (hopefully there won't be any cloaked figures with very obvious wrist-knives loitering nearby). This is a cool thing! The devs must learn so much about these old cultures when making these games, I'm looking forward to this tour. They made Tour mode for Origins and Odyssey too.

On top of that, the devs say that, for the first time for an Assassin's Creed game, they'll be adding extra content in Valhalla's second year. They're working on multiple DLCs, and suggest that one of them will involve Odin. In the vid above, we see a rather fiery gate that looks like it could lead to Muspelheim - which tracks with info a dataminer found a couple of months ago.

Oh, and Ubi also mention they'll be adding one-handed swords to Valhalla "in the coming weeks", in case all the axes weren't quite doing it for you.

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