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Watch Dogs: Legion's Bloodline DLC will bring Aiden Pearce to London on July 6th

He's got a new personality: beard.

Videogames' most famous uncle returns in Watch Dogs: Legion's first major story expansion, Bloodline. Yes, it's Aiden Pearce from the original Watch_Dogs, who heads to London for a job (and perhaps to visit his nephew, who is namechecked in the new trailer below.

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Although this is billed as an "announce" trailer, we've known about Bloodline and Aiden Pearce's appearance for a while thanks to Legion's DLC roadmap. Ubisoft have shuffled around the running order of updates a few times and Bloodline is now due to arrive on July 6th.

I remain somewhat surprised. I've seen folks mentioned that they prefer Watch_Dogs to the latter games due to its "grittier" story, but I thought Aiden Pearce was a soggy packet of cheese and onion crisps in my Watch Dogs review. I'm not sure a longer beard was what the character was missing.

The mission Aiden is on in London involves getting a device that allows owhoever has it to control an army of robots, which means you're not the only criminal looking for it. Among those also vying for the object are the masked hacker Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, who is player for parts of the story.

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