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Watch Dogs Legion has delayed its PvP modes and DLC

But you'll get a Grandma as compensation

Watch Dogs Legion has had a steady drip of updates since its release last year, though bugs did cause delays to some planned features like its online mode.

Now Ubisoft have laid out a new roadmap for updates still to come, which prioritises some quality-of-life features while pushing back story DLC and new online modes.

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The next patch for the game will be Title Update 4.5, which is due to launch on June 1st. That's a little later than intended, but it'll fix bugs found in 4.0 and it'll add a 60 FPS "performance mode" for console players. The bad news is that the Invasion and Extraction PvP modes, originally slated for late May, are being pushed back until August. The Bloodline story expansion is also slipping slightly, from late June to early July.

Ubisoft explained the reason for the PvP modes change in a post, saying that "want to invest more time into solid public & private matchmaking, as it’s key for us to provide you with a smooth, enjoyable PvP experience."

To make up for it, the update on June 1st will now include Grandma Helen as a free operative. Helen is the old lady seen kicking ass in the game's E3 trailers.

Delays happen, so hey-ho, but I am interested to learn more about the invasion and extraction modes. Invading other players was one of the best things about the first Watch Dogs, and I'm curious what "invasion" means now that it's its own multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer remains where I'm most interested in the Watch Dogs series, because I want to mess around with its toys without having to ride out its story. "I would have enjoyed Watch Dogs Legion so much more, if it had just leaned into full Guy Ritchie nonsense with its tone", Nate said in his Watch Dogs Legion review. "I really do appreciate what it’s trying to do with its story, but the end result is like Jason Statham beating you to death with a book of Nietzsche’s aphorisms. It’s still Jason fucking Statham, and you’re still getting battered."

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