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You should play Demon Turf's demo before it disappears

Conquer your demons in this platformer

Steam's Game Festival: Autumn Edition is now in full swing, and it's offering us lucky lot the chance to play hundreds of free game demos until next Tuesday, October 13th. I've had a good rummage through the store and plucked out Demon Turf, a stylish 3D platformer with 2D characters where you play as Beebz, a raucous young demon with an attitude. Your main aim? To crush all the demon nasties and become the Demon Queen.

Demon Turf's art style was what grabbed my attention. I really dig the N64-esque 3D, 2D mashup, with all its vibrant animations and environments. I put some time into the demo and can confirm, the way the NPCs and enemies bob, laugh, and attack has real character. But let's get into the platforming. Which, hoo boy, does it feel good. Beebz is great at jumping, as you'd expect, but she's also capable of spinning in the air to break her fall, turning into a little octopus to swim underwater, wall-hopping, sliding - a lot, basically. But the real treat is in seamlessly combining her moves to untangle its levels. It reminds me of Super Mario 64, in how you string together moves in creative ways to reach just that bit higher or farther.

If this all sounds up your alley, you'll be pleased to hear the demo's a hefty one. You'll get to experience the tutorial, explore the hub of Forktown and take on its sidequests, as well as hop into two levels of the first turf. You can also purchase mods to customise Beebz with cool new abilities.

You can download Demon Turf's free demo right now over on its Steam page. The devs, Fabraz expect to launch the full game sometime at the end of this year, or the start of 2021.

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