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Demon Turf is an N64-y 3D platformer with 2D characters

And some rude 'tude

3D worlds and 2D characters combine for a neat look in Demon Turf, a new N64-ish platformer announced today. A diddy young demon with rude 'tude is out to take over Hell, leaping through levels, hanging round the hub town, and battling bosses. I am a sucker for 2D and 3D coming together and I kinda like Demon Turf's scrappy style. Have a peek in the announcement trailer below.

That there is Beebz, a tweenage demon (well, tweenage in demon years) who wants to take over Hell so people take her seriously. Conquering is best done by jumping, everyone knows, and she'll be leaping through the turfs of different gang leaders with the help of abilities like a grappling hook and time-freezing bubbles.

Fabraz, who previously made 2017's 2D jumper Slime-san, say it'll also have fun bits like a 'Photo Hunt' mode to capture hidden and surprising things, which sounds good to me. And you can just take pictures and selfies for funsies, which I strongly approve of in games.

Demon Turf is coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as Xbox and Switch. Fabraz expect to launch it at the end of this year or the start of 2021. See its website for more.

The devs told the Ian Games Network more about Demon Turf in this interview during their Summer Of Gaming stream:

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