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Ditch Earth In Roguelikelike Platformer Exoplanets

Intergalactic Exoplanetary

The future is now and Earth as we know it has been ravaged by The Great Invasion - a cataclysmic extinction level event which has displaced the human populace who're now in search of new digs. We're "In dire need of a new planet", apparently, but every other planet's been inhabited, so it's time to go house-hunting in Exoplanets [official site] - a fast-paced, neon-bleached roguelike platformer that leverages customisation to set itself apart from the horde.

In its work-in-progress state, Exoplanets' procedurally generated levels include 25 variants of enemy creatures to go up against, six different weapon types and three different enhancements: vampiric, fire and ice. There's over 2,000 randomly generated weapon stats and, currently, 25 upgrades to enhance your four AI units. It looks like this:

Upgrades are made possible by collecting scrap strewn throughout each level, all of which culminate in a host of mini-bosses and big bosses. Side-missions comprise a variety of different game modes such as: Search and Destroy, Bounty Hunter, Bomber Man, Treasure Hunter, and (mini) Tower Defense. Exoplanets packs a bit of punch.

As you might've spotted above, blowing up the landmass is an integral part of Exoplanets. Similar to games like Spelunky, destroying the terrain around you isn't just for show - doing so can grant you access to trapped collectibles or give you the drop on  unsuspecting opponents. When you add jet boosters and timed explosives and laser cannons to this mix, though, finesse is a big ask and for me it often ended up looking like when you'd gather all your lemmings in one area and hit nuke. (I don't believe you when you say you didn't do this.)

Again, Exoplanets is a work-in-progress - "there are things in the game that are still being added, worked on, and polished," says developer BohFam - however its current "" guise is pretty accomplished and can be picked up on Itch for $5. If you'd like to sample the demo first -version (which I haven't tried) - you'll find that there too.

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