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Experience AAA Dev Meeting Horrors In Free Twine Game

Funny and grim

We only hear whispers from deep in the belly of AAA development, reports from PR trips where everyone's on their best behaviour and whispers in alleys from shadowy strangers wearing trenchcoats. What's it really like? What happens when a game in a multimillion dollar series is shaping up rubbish? Everyone wants to murder their workmates by the end, right?

The Writer Will Do Something [official page] is a funny and grim free Twine game looking into a key development meeting for ShatterGate: Future Perfect, the third game in a fictional series at a fictional studio, written by someone who's worked inside AAA.

With six months left before ShatterGate: Future Perfect launches and feedback looking poor, we play its lead writer in one meeting where folks are about ready to start assigning blame for the game's failing. Or maybe you'll all pull it together and come up with a great plan. Maybe you'll give up on this mess try to quit. One thing's for certain: someone will make a Dark Souls comparison.

Writer Matthew S. Burns composed the soundtrack to Infinifactory and has made games like The Arboretum, but he's also spent years working in production on various Call of Duty and Halo games.

The Writer Will Do Something isn't necessarily recreating those experiences, but I've seen a fair few chums in AAA delight and despair at the game's depiction of meetings like this.

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