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Explore and colonise space in Genesis Alpha One

Hugely ambitious

Goodness me, Genesis Alpha One [official site] is trying to do a lot. Let's checklist this:

☑ Space exploration
☑ Building spaceships
☑ Mining
☑ Farming
☑ Gene-splicing and cloning your crew
☑ Fighting alien infestations

Off players go, across the stars, trying to survive long enough to settle new worlds as human-alien hybrids. A roguelikelike survival crafting basebuilding first-person shooter space sim. Have a peek in this trailer:

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Whew! That is a lot. So, the story is that Earth is dying because we're a shower of bastards, so off you go captaining a 'Genesis' spaceship into the great unknown. You get to build and expand your own huge spaceship, snapping together modules from greenhouses and workshops to hangars and guard posts. Sooner or later, you'll discover alien life, and that gets interesting.

When your ship gets infested, grab your guns and blast 'em back. But aliens are also a resource. Their bodies are suited to different environments, see, and through clone bays we'll get to splice bits of alien into our clonecrew, gaining new abilities and, hopefully, becoming suited to a new home out there somewhere in the stars.

All of which sounds... Dungeon Keeper in space with guns and genetics? In a procedurally generated world. The marketing blurb says:

"Every journey in Genesis Alpha One begins with a huge, randomised galaxy filled with adventure and peril. Discover new planets, encounter asteroid fields, sun storms, rogue commanders and deadly cosmic spores as you explore the vastness of space. You'll come across the wrecks of ships that have been lost to the void, and off-ship expeditions will take you to the surface of alien planets to harvest their resources."

I believe it's singleplayer.

This all sounds hugely ambitious and ambition can lead to wonkiness but hey, I'll certain welcome wild ambition.

Genesis Alpha One is made by Radiation Blue and published by Team17. No word yet on when it'll launch.

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