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Extra Sol, Huh? Exodus of Sol Revamps SOL As New Game

Discount for current owners

Cast your mind back, if you can, to the year 2012. Our young eyes (clear of cataracts) watched the skies eagerly for the next great space game, unaware that Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, and so many more were soon to be announced. In that distant year, a more innocent Adam played space shooter SOL: Exodus and, finding it fun for a bit though wonky, wondered where the developers might take pew-pew spaceships next. Turns out, er, the answer is back to SOL.

What's described as the "core development team" is now revamping and expanding SOL: Exodus, planning to release it as a new game under the sure-to-be-a-bit-confusing name Exodus of Sol.

It'll be tarted up with improved graphics, the addition of multiple ship types to pilot, better ship physics, ship energy management, and new missions--with less of the escorting Adam grumbled about. It's being made by folks from SOL developer Seamless Entertainment who've reformed under the name Bit Planet Games.

Studio director Chris Stockman told us that they plan to offer a discount to people who own Exodus of Sol, though haven't ironed out the exact details yet.

While for some developers these changes would make a patch rather than a new release, well, something has to pay for the work. Fellow space shooter Strike Suit Zero did the same with its Director's Cut revamp, also offering a discount to current players. Bit Planet have picked up supporting SOL too, releasing a patch earlier this month; it's a nice gesture.

If you're curious about the original SOL: Exodus, it's half-price on Steam for a week, down to £2.79.

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