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Face Off: Dragon Age Giveaway Results

Sorry about the delay on this. The plan was to judge it last night, but there were - er - unavoidable delays. In a pub. Sorry. However, I've judged the competition and selected the winners, turning this into a very Dragon-agey day indeed. Hopefully they'll have their copy of the Dragon's Age Direct2Drive shortly. The standard of entries were high. Many people did copies of famous people. Many people did copies of us. Many people did seemingly completely normal fantasy characters, with bios, which is very sweet. Some people did things which make me genuinely disturbed. Some of them are winners. But which ones? Click, to discover.

What I most love about J Lewis's genuinely freakish creature - and there were a lot of actual distended faces - is that it looks like an actual creature rather than a slider-bar road-crash. Also, just imagine playing through the entire game with this character. Imagine the sex scenes.


Anyway - yes, there were a lot of famous people doppelgangers. Some of them even looked like their famous person. But only one of them actually based it of RPS-fave Klaus Kinski. And he was Peter Eriksson.

Watch Wrath of God, everyone.

Anyway, Harrison Sullivan made Dick Cheney.

It doesn't really look much like Dick Cheney, but it amuses me that Dick Cheney may be reading this and thinking "Wait... they think I look like this?"

Yes, yes, you do.

Anyway, sometimes the simple ones are the best. Baranga Vlad does...

Well, "Michael Jackson would've looked at the age of 70. Or something" to quote Baranga. I suspect not any more.

Finally, in an overkill special H. Promogal was the only person to actually have a crack at all four of the hivemind in game. I especially like that they're bloody awful replicas of us, and about as insulting to each of us as Dick Cheney's is to his.

Jim as a 40-something coronary case.

John having not just eaten all the pies - but injected them into his fat cheeks.

Actually, this looks worryingly like an uncle of mine back in Cannock.

And - er- Alec's long-chinned brother.

Well done all the winners. Also, all the losers, because in many way, you are a winner. Just not in a getting-a-free-copy-of-Dragon-Age way.

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