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Farm and flirt to the rhythm in Seeds Of Love

In sync

As its name might suggest, free game Seeds Of Love is a hybrid farming-romance sim. What the name doesn’t give away is that it also sneaks in some rhythm game elements, and how well you’re able to keep time with the tunes will affect protagonist María’s emotions. And it turns out that it’s difficult to make friends if you’re always grumpy over your lack of groove. Take a look at María’s many moods in the trailer below, including some truly inspired pun-based flirtation.

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One of the things the game addresses is that actually, uprooting your boring city life and heading out to till the fields à la Stardew Valley isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. María seems to be easy going about the whole affair, though, which is the right attitude. And the way she bounces back from saying embarrassing things to cute girls is inspirational.

The rhythm sections might be symbolising anything from picking carrots to chatting up the sweet girl at the bar, and they’re not super tricky to do well enough that María isn’t feeling horribly awkward afterwards. You can also practice in jukebox mode if you really want that perfect run. The music itself is suitably catchy, and has a nice variety for the different kinds of things you might be getting up to while tapping your way through.

The whole thing is not especially long, but it’s nice to spend some time in such a cheerful outdoors-y space – even if it’s digging crops isn’t quite as glamorous as imagined.

You can download Seeds Of Love for free on

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