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Let's Guess The Fate Of The Fate Of Atlantis Fan Remake

Lost crusade?

Option 1) Disney give it the thumbs up and it carries on to completion, rapturous acclaim and a whole host of olden LucasArts titles getting a similar do-over.
Option 2) You know. The other thing.

For now, let's just admire the effort and care this five-person team are putting into a 3D remake of classic LucasArts pointer-clicker Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, which as we all now know is really about kissing. (And, frankly, that raises other concerns about just how carefully this project needs to be treated in order to not upset its delicate balance of characterisation and comedy). Take a look at work in progress below, anyway.

There's some pretty stuff in there, and enough that it's clearly gone beyond a merely speculative project, but I'd be lying if I said I could see the need for it. Fate of Atlantis looks retro, sure, but it also still looks extremely charming and characterful. I'd like a higher res and maybe an overhauled UI, but that's about it. Still, others will doubtless feel differently, so good luck to the folk behind this.

As to that whole Disney thing, last November the devs had this to say:

"I went through the Disney's and Lucasfilm "terms of use" and just to be safe and not to get in any trouble, this project is considered as a "fan project" till its approved by Disney/Lucasfilm. We didn't have much success recently, because Lucasfilm is very stubborn. We hope that Lucasfilm will understand that only fans can make the best remakes and they reconsider their decision. We still work on this game and when the demo is completed, its going to be send to Disney/Lucasfilm for consideration and we all hope they will like it enough to give us a chance to make a full game. No public release of the demo, sorry."

That's a big hope to pin rather a lot of work on, I fear.

There is an official site, but it's not been updated for 11 months. However, there is more regular activity on the Facebook page.

Spotted on Twitter via Dan Marshall

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