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FEAR Going FEARee-To-Play With FEAR Online 

For being couched in so many specific characters and mythos, FEAR has become a bizarrely well-traveled series. First it started at Monolith, then TimeGate developed a bunch of expansions - only for Monolith to completely ignore those adventures in slow-mo and mediocrity with FEAR 2. After that, the series crept up on Day 1 Studios without ever actually moving its feet how did it do that, and Fuh-three-arrrr was born/about birth. And now Korean developer Inplay Interactive is taking the reins for a free-to-play multiplayer spin-off. Sounds like FEAR's real fear is one of commitment hahaha welp time to hang myself.

Looks, well, pretty much like another FEAR game. And, despite yet another developer switcheroo, it aims to pick up right where the series left off. Well, sort of.

"The story also continues in cooperative scenarios that detail the terrifying occurrences surrounding the F.E.A.R. team parallel to the events of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. Up to four players can team up and fight for their lives against both hostile Armacham personnel and hideous monsters lurking around every corner."

"F.E.A.R. Online will focus on several team combat modes spanning over ten ominous maps packed with grotesque details such as still-twitching bodies hanging from meat hooks and messages smeared in blood. The battle rages between Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) and the elite F.E.A.R. team. F.E.A.R. 3’s unique Soul King mode also makes a return, challenging players to possess enemies for new abilities and collect more fallen souls than their opponents."

So the story's tied into FEAR 2, but modes dip their skeletal, cracking toes into a bigger pool of influences. And blood.

A closed beta test is due to kick off sometime soon, and you can sign up right now if your trigger finger/face-seeking slow-mo knee is feeling itchy. Do you plan to? I mean, it all sounds nice enough, but I must admit that I don't have much experience with FEAR multiplayer. I've heard tell that F3AR's co-op is quite interesting, but this sounds like a rather different sort of animal. And then of course, it is free-to-play. Who knows how that side of things will turn out. Are you still interested, RPS reader howling ghost mass?

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