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Feed a friend in the perfectly horrible Utsvulten

I don't know if I'm okay with this

It's a kind thing to do, feeding a friend. You like your friend, don't you? You want them to eat? You don't mind if it gets a little intimate? A little sensual? And you don't mind if it gets a little horrifying? Of course you don't. You're a good friend. That's why you'll feel perfectly uncomfortable with Utsvulten, a wee free browser game from the maker of splendid shooty platformer Gonner. Go have a go on Itch.io and I'll see you below.


But you don't know, because you haven't played it yet, you scamp.

Utsvulten is a game about feeding your pal until they're full and you've proven yourself a pal. Or until you're full yourself. There's clearly not enough for both of you, or perhaps even one of you. So there you are, scoffing apples and swallowing flies, your thin and unnervingly pink fingers picking and poking and the pair of you cooing and murmuring.

It's just not right.

And then it gets really not right. You'll see, but here's a hint in a hot tip from our Graham: "Hard mode is trying to feed yourself to your friend by throwing the bits into their mouth from a distance."

In spite of how strange and alien it becomes, it still feels warm and intimate - and a little erotic. The hungry mouth slavering, the eyes widening as they follow a morsel, the enthusiasm with which everyone takes part. If they're okay with all this, I'm okay with it.

Hit Itch to play (remember to press Enter to start, as the first screen instructs). Utsvulten was made by Ditto over the weekend for the Ludum Dare 44 game jam, which has the theme "Your life is currency." Its entry page is over here, if you want.

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