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Feed the fishies in local multiplayer game FEED

Fishy Buisness

FEED (Fish Elders' Eternal Digestion) looks like an underwater take on Push Me Pull You. In the devs' own words, it's a "3v3 character-based multiplayer game where basketball meets meets tug-o-war meets three-person potato sack race in a bizarre underwater world of sentient limbs and insatiable Fish Elders". It's not something I realised that I wanted in my life until I read that sentence back, so it's a shame I'll also need 5 other human beings (and 5 extra controllers) sat next to me before I can dive in.

FEED supports lower player counts than that, though the game's page advises that it's best enjoyed with a full complement of 6. Each player takes on a different role, with Stunners, Dashers and Anchors all possessing an ability that's appropriate to their name. The twist is that you're all bound together in an "amoeba-like aquatic organism", which means every member of the team has to have a clear idea of what everyone else wants to do at all times. If you've played Push Me Pull You, you'll know how hard it is to coordinate with just one teammate - and that's before separate abilities get thrown into the mix.

Further complicating things are the three separate ways of scoring points for your team. There's an urchin to retrieve, a clam to direct and fish to collect. I can see the shouting matches now: "You idiot! You made us urchin when we should have clammed!"

FEED is available from Itch.io for $2.99.

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