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FIFA 17 Update 1 Booted Onto PC

You gotta take the ball to the goal

For all you FIFA 17 [official site] fans out there, EA has released the first patch for the game that looks to take care of some pesky glitches and bugs. As before, the game centers around the game of English football (see Madden for American football, which I really don't know much about either despite living here) in which the objective is to get the ball into a goal 8 yards in width.

Expect AI tweaks, bug fixes, a few fiddles with ball physics, and so on in this patch, which hit on Friday. To see just what issues FIFA 17 Update 1 fixed, you can view the full patch notes here.

Seeing these patch notes inspired me to download FIFA 17 as I realized I had never actually sat down and attempted to play a Football game. I'm excited to enter the world of hooliganism and body painting that, according to what little I've seen of it, seems to make up a good part of the football fandom.

For a more experienced take on FIFA 17, you can look to Graham's review.

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