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Fight Not With Monsters: Monsters Vs Aliens Demo

As far as taglines for demos go "When aliens attack, monsters fight back" is one we can get behind. I mean, that is true. Who could argue with that? Unless it's subtextual meaning is that society should release neo-nazis against new immigrants to the country who are taking our jobs, etc - in which case, we'd disagree with it a lot. Anyway, this is the demo of the game of the new Dreamworks film. You can download it from here, for about half a gig of Monster/Alien demonstration action - that is, three levels staring the leads (A sort of puzzle/platformy thing, a racing dodging thing and a fighter-thing). And here's a couple of videos...

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

That girl doesn't exactly look monstrous to me. Unless the subtext is that teenage girls are monsters, in which case... actually, I can get on side with that one.

(I don't)

(Except for Lucy. SHE WAS REALLY MEAN. :( :( :( )

I'll stop now.

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