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Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy XIV's crossover blends the best of both worlds this August

Mmmmmm... Looks tasty!

Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World are both games near and dear to my heart, and colliding in a major crossover event next month, at least in the case of Final Fantasy XIV. While I'm hopeful that this crossover will accompany the PC release of Monster Hunter: World on August 9th, we're poking Capcom for confirmation either way.

Headed to Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is the ever-cranky wyvern Rathalos, while Monster Hunter: World is to be visited by Moogles and Cactuars and stomped all over by a Behemoth, one of the Final Fantasy series's recurring boss beasties. Below, a pair of trailers that charmingly ape each other's styles.

Due on August 7th, Rathalos will apparently work more like a Monster Hunter boss than anything in FFXIV at present, with unpredictable moves and less adherence to aggro rules. Among the rewards for the fight are some Monster Hunter camping gear (complete with barbecue spit), a full set of Rathalos-themed armour. The luckiest can claim a smaller mount version of the big reptile, continually accompanied by Monster Hunter music.

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One limiting factor on the Final Fantasy side is that it requires completion of the Stormblood expansion's main story and an average equipment level of at least 320. At least you won't have to rush - Square Enix have confirmed that their side of this crossover is permanent.

The Monster Hunter-side trailer features a party clad in Final Fantasy Dragoon armour taking on Behemoth, who is a very beefy boy indeed. Behemoth has brought a few FFXIV raid mechanics along with him, including a huge meteor attack that requires players to use smaller rocks as cover or risk wiping. It won't be the only new fight either, as a cheeky Kula-Ya-Ku found itself a magic crystal and has grown to a far more menacing size.

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The only thing up in the air for PC players is whether this event will be launching alongside Monster Hunter: World. I'd hope so, but haven't found confirmation one way or another. I've reached out to Capcom for details on this and whether their side of the crossover is permanent, and will let you all know as soon as I have it.

Monster Hunter: World will be launching on PC this August 9th, and the Final Fantasy XIV side of the crossover requires completion of the latest expansion, Stormblood. You can find more detail on the Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy sites.

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