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Final Fantasy XIV crosses over with Nier: Automata today

Sad little robots

The heartbreakingly human androids of Nier: Automata today returned, sadly not with a sequel but in a Final Fantasy XIV crossover. Bully for you if you play the MMORPG, I suppose. For me, well, I suppose it makes me a little more sad - and isn't that what Nier is really all about? You're having an inferior Nier experience if you do play the new raid, frankly. The update also added new main quests, added quests for anime baby pixies, improved the tools for playing musical instruments, adding a trombone... lots of things. Me, I'm interested for the lost little robots.

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The Nier crossover is a 24-player raid dungeon introducing the android 2P. I imagine the P stands for Pal. Nier: Automata director Yoko Taro (the moon-headed bampot) and producer Yosuke Saito have collaborated with Square Enix on this, so I really am sorry I'll not be seeing it.

Nier: Automata lodged deep in my head. It's so warm, so human, and so tragic. The greatest tragedy is recognising my own attempt at attaining humanity is stalled somewhere between endings D and E. God damn these sad horny robots breaking my heart.

I would also be keen to see people playing Nier songs on FFXIV's expanded musical tools for synchronising performances (plus a trombone! and trumpet! tuba! horn! saxophone!) though I don't know if the moderators would considering that infringing and rip the tuba out of your cyberhands.

Square Enix note, "This patch also sees the beginning of the overhaul to crafting and gathering, with further updates planned for Patch 5.2."

See the Patch 5.1 notes for more on everything.

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