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Final Fantasy XIV's patch 5.55 inches closer to the release of Endwalker

New quests in preparation for the big expansion

Final Fantasy 14 continues to prep for the launch of the climactic Endwalker expansion. The latest update, patch 5.55, is apparently the last planned before the expansion's launch. Much like update 5.5, it adds additions to the main quest, more story in the Nier: Automata crossover quest, and a bunch of smaller tweaks and fixes.

Here's the trailer release for the last update, 5.5, which shows a bunch of the Nier content added at the time:

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From the complete list of changes, a lot of the additions are pretty minor. There are new furnishings for use in player housing, tweaked drop rates, and other typical MMO tweaks.

The most interesting is presumably the second part of the main scenario quests added in 5.5, in which Fandaniel and Telophoroi have been scheming to bring about the Final Days. Its these story quests that lead into the events of Endwalker.

We got more details of Endwalker at Final Fantasy Fan Fest last week, including the news that it'll launch on November 23rd. The expansion will add two new classes to the game, Sage and Reaper, as well as new story quests that claim to resolve the storyline first started with A Realm Reborn back in 2014.

It'll also add, for the first time in Final Fantasy history, male versions of the bunny people, Viera. Big news for several fan artists on DeviantArt. I will say again and never let it go: the women bunnies supposedly wear stilettos because of the shape of their feet, so why don't the men bunnies?

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