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Finger Clicky Explodey Rewardy: Alien Rage Trailer

There's a first-person shooter coming out on Steam this month called Alien Rage. Now unless you're currently performing surgery or you're on a tight-rope, I want you to close your eyes and imagine it. The trailer is below.

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You had it all, didn't you? The landing strip shoulder pads framing a bald-headed alpha marine sergeant grrrinator man. You imagined the over-designed mechs folding weapons out of improbable spaces. You could smell the guns chewing up lead apples and spitting out the pips at barrel-melting velocity. You were in an impractical world of neon lighting and bad people with guns. You almost certainly thought of a space ship, or at least some sort of colony. You were correct. That's Alien Rage: an unreconstructed game of shooting and being shot, all set to a rock soundtrack.

This is one of those moments where my brain has a choice. It could be sniffy and dismissive of what it just saw, or it could take a nice walk and let my brain-free body have what it wants. A game of finger clicky explodey rewardy. I used to be fairly sniffy about these meat-faced blasters, but after playing Hard Reset a while ago I've decided to allow myself two per year. As long as they're pretty, and as long as they understand that I'm not there for story or plots or to take what I'm doing seriously, I will give myself over to them for a limited amount of time. But in my own time, and not on launch.

It's out September 24th.

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