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First Deus Ex 3 Concept Art?

Another interesting one. As well as joining the Thief 4 speculations, the French-Language site Denis-Talbot has scooped the world by showing the first Deus Ex 3 concept art. Well, strictly speaking, there was art in the teaser trailer, but this is a stand-alone image of some kind of future-lab. More analysis beneath the cut.

For those who are wondering whether it's just fan art, like the splendid Bioshock 2 ones, it comes along with a quote from Eidos Montreal's David Anfossi, where he says - according to Babelfish - "These tables help our artists with visualizing well the spirit which one wants to release in Two Ex 3. We called upon the original originators of the preceding iterations in order to determine well the direction which we took". Or, according to Alec's GCSE-level French "These pictures help our artists with visualizing the spirit we want to realise in Deus Ex 3. We called upon the original concept artists for the preceding games in order to determine the direction which we took".

While it's a surprise to see art come out from this channel - you always expect it to come from one of the larger sites - it seems genuine to us. So, we can exclusively reveal that Denis Talbot exclusively revealed that Eidos Montreal are considering Deus Ex 3 to have labs in it.

Woo! Go labs!

[Thanks to Comrade Larington for the heads up. Again.]

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