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Firstus GODUS Videous Footageus

I love the development 'show' that's accompanying the GODUS Kickstarter, because it shows the small team caught up in the decision making progress of Peter Molyneux OBE. The most recent diary has an amazing moment: the first time the game is shown running! It should be accompanied by balloons, streamers, Ode to Joy, and a visit from the Queen, but it's instead turned into a game development jam session. And we all know jam rather can be rather sticky.

Peter, GODUS bless him, prods away at developer Gary Leach, asking for fine-grain control over streams in the world. Is there anything more Molyneux than that? Maybe the streams are the world's tears? Anyway, Gary explains the difficulties behind it, but Peter has that look in his eye. He can already envision the thin rivulets of water trickling over his world. And what's a developer to do? It is agreed upon: it will be a feature. There's a beautiful moment where Molyneux's aware of what he's just done, and asks: "Is that a promise? Is that a 'Peter Molyneux' promise?"

Gary's response: "That's a cast iron guarantee promise."

Ouch. I'd link to the specific moment, but every tutorial on that looks like some of the code from the Matrix, and the one I followed just left a blank space. Instead you'll have to do it manually. It starts 2m37s in, and not a second after! Now go!

Watch on YouTube

So, that's GODUS. It has the blocky, simple charm of the concept art at least, and you're now guaran-damn-teed to be able to cut streams from lakes and watch as a lake drains. Probably.

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