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Fish-Piercing Shooter: Shark Attack Deathmatch

Great white hope

If you ever wanted to act like an Australian politician, Shark Attack Deathmatch is the game for you. It's an online shooter begging for votes on Greenlight where, for some reason, divers are so furious with each other that they're unwilling to surface to fight. They remain beneath the waves, firing harpoons at each other in shark-infested waters. The last time I had a problem with someone I just wrote them an email, so I'm not sure I'm angry enough of a person to empathise with this, but I can also see where typing in all caps into Gmail doesn't work as an online shooter. Let's peek into the murky depths, like the bit in Jaws when Hooper finds Ben Gardner's boat.


Hehe. Made you jump. It's a ridiculous game, and it's completely aware of that: there's a survival mode with zombie sharks in it. I've not heard good things about the offline stuff, but our clumsy chums at Outside Xbox have played it. It takes them a while to get to the online section, which they claim is "pretty good".

I quite like the idea of hurting another player so their blood attracts a shark over to their position. If you fancy it, Shark Attack Deathmatch is on Steam Greenlight.

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