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Fishing Planet's PS4 trailer is the ultimate fish betrayal

The lure of lures

Can I lodge a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority about how the PS4 version of Fishing Planet [official site] got a trailer that was approx one billion times better than the PC trailer? I am FURIOUS right now. We get moody water shots and easy listening and theirs is all TENSION AND FISH AND HYPE AND EXCITING RIFFS AND YES YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE THERE ARE MORE THAN 70 SPECIES OF FISH AND OBVIOUSLY COMPLEX FISH AI IS HAPPENING AND ARE YOU READY FOR THIS BECAUSE I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE READY FOR THIS.


Watch on YouTube


Watch on YouTube


I suppose I should talk a little about what the game is although obviously I hope all of the fish on PC go to hell for being treacherous and having more fun elsewhere.

Fishing Planet is a free-to-play Early Access fishing sim. It's been out on PC since... I want to say 2015? Tim Stone actually did a piece about it a couple of years back, digging into how it compared with Euro Fishing. Fishing Planet came out of the matchup favourably but we haven't actually looked in on the game since, so a lot may have changed. Adam is installing it now to a) check in on the menu music and b) give those PC fish a stern talking-to about their attitudes and marketing strategies.

I have never felt more betrayed by a fish than I do right now.

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