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Fissure Surprise: Space Shock

"Space Shock is an RPG game set in Space," the description on Greenlight goes. Well, you can never have too much space. Unless you are Ikea, in which case you are actively looking for ways to use the small amounts of space people have been lumbered with to cram in balsawood fixtures with weird Scandinavian names like SOKERKAKA and DRÖMMAR and BILDUNGSROMAN. In any case, do you like turn-based dungeon crawlers? AND space? Would you like a SPACE dungeon crawler? Well this is for you. It even has spider-aliens! You can relive the end of Wild Wild West! What are you doing in Ikea! Get out of Ikea!

There are five unique classes you can play as:

Soldier (Tank/physical damage dealer)
Adept (Supporter/Healer/PSI damage dealer)
Engineer (Tech specialist/explosions specialist/disabler)
Sentinel (PSI damage dealer)
Mercenary (Physical damage dealer/Assassin)

Specializations for each class:
Soldier (Bodyguard, Gunner, Marine)
Adept (Medic, Restorer, Guardian)
Engineer (Sapper, Constructor, Electrician)
Sentinel (Scientist, Elementalist, Conjurer)
Mercenary (Sniper, Assassin, Hunter)

And "deadly enemies both robotic (robots, mechs, droids, sentry turrets…) and
organic (aliens, mutants, humanoids…)".

Developed by Ideas Unbound Studio, this game is on Greenlight, and will be Kickstarted in the near future [edit! Is already being Kickstarted, which you can donate to here. Thanks!].

Weirdly, there are some people in the comments that are concerned with the marine battle armour looking too Master Chiefy. People can be so picky these days. What if the Master Chief has perfected Space Armour and has now retired onto some distant planet, where he makes space armour to sell to passing mercenaries, whilst tending a small intimate bar in the evenings, where he tells old war stories, has Tom Waits' Jockey Full of Bourbon on the juke, and reminisces about that one time where he beat Cortana at Scrabble? I digress...

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