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Flag This Down: Taxi Journey

Taximeter cabrolet simulation

Whenever Lexis Numerique announce a new game, they have my attention. And that's all because of In Memoriam (Missing: Since January in the States) from 2003 - a fascinating blurring of game and reality that I've not seen matched. I've yet to click with anything else they've made, but In Memoriam is enough to keep me interested in what's next. And what's next is, coo, a side-scrolling cartoon taxi simulation. Didn't predict that one. Taxi Journey doesn't look quite like anything else.

Well, okay, it looks like Limbo, if it were drawn with colourful crayons, then had the beautiful multiplied by ten. But this is a game with two characters, one who can capture the immaterial, the other who can fish for reflections. A side-scroller with its emphasis on characters, story and puzzles, rather than dexterity.

I'm a bit gutted to see this one's on the other side of a Kickstarter chasm, as with ten days left they're still very short of their goal. And from the early footage, it really looks like something I'd like to play. Anyone got a spare $100,000? Go on.

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