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Flagellants Of Our Fathers: Scourge Of War bit

Why isn't there a weedkiller called Scourge? Or a rat poison? Consider these baffling questions while downloading the 272mb hunk of grognard goodness that is the Scourge of War - Gettysburg demo. The game that picks up where the fine Take Commands left-off, appears to do a lot of things right. Anyone arriving dust-caked and sweaty from Napoleon Total War is likely to be disappointed by the sprite-based spectacle and feeble rifle reports, but bowled over by the wily multi-tiered Battle AI and the extraordinary courier system.

There's only one single-player scenario included and that's a brigade combat tutorial, meaning you don't get to watch orders trickle all the way down the command chain getting lost and mangled on the way (a TC/SOW speciality). You do however get to beg assistance from fellow commanders with the aid of galloping messengers, and pit your wits against a Rebel opponent reassuringly expert in the art of flanking. Multiplayer, impossible in the Take Commands, is also there for the trialling.

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