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Flippin' good platformer Dandara expands with Trials of Fear

Motion sickness warning ahead. Dandara's disorienting world is about to get dizzier. Developers Long Hat House this week announced a new Trials of Fear Edition. Arriving "soon", the new edition bulks out Dandara's upside-down metroidvania sprawl, adding new regions, new bosses, and a revitalised story to give more gravitas to your gravity-defying antics. Just remember to take deep breaths and make sure you're drinking enough water.

Dandara: Trials of Fear will hit Steam "sometime soon". Already own Dandara? Fab, you'll get all that new stuff for free.

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Trials of Fear adds 3 new regions to Dandara's topsy-turvy world. Additionally, Dandara is getting a new boss (that nightmare-tree in the header), a new ability, a host of quality of life updates and a secret new ending. Granted, I didn't see the first ending - that big spinning heart boss is a right stubborn git.

Mind, I was playing it on a phone. That's a valid excuse. Do not "@" me.

It's a lovely-looking set of additions to a quietly brilliant little platformer. John (RPS in peace) was well impressed in his Dandara review, with simple, restrained mechanics that are "immensely satisfying to master", even if the game cranks the difficulty up to 100 far too quickly.

Trials of Fear also aims to address one of John's other complaints - that Dandara has no interest in explaining anything about who you are or what's going on - by adding new descriptions, dialogues and cut-scenes. It sounds like it's gotten that story pass he asked for, with a renewed desire to flesh out characters and environments old and new.

An updated soundtrack also adds 16 new tracks to Dandara's moody soundscape. You can check out two of 'em, and more details on the update, over on the Trials of Fear announcement page.

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