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Flower Design: Minimalist Flower Arranging

Simple botanics

Today I was searching for games about gardening and then narrowed it down to flower arranging. I feel like that's an under-explored market and has the capacity for something restful and breathtakingly beautiful. Those searches are how I found Flower Design [ page], which is a project by Beijing-based (I think) creator, GuoJun Pan.

It looks like there was a demo build on which has since been taken down but Steam Greenlight has a 2016 release date for the project so I'm hopeful it still exists and that I might get to play with the game/tool/generator/whatever it turns out to be soon enough.

According to the page:

"Flower arrangement has a long history in many cultures, flowers look so peaceful and free, the combination of colors and shapes. When I decided to simulate things using program codes, I found flowers are the best topic, so free and beautiful. Although unlike traditional games, I want to show you rich feeling with simple operations. For virtual plants the shapes and colors are freely adjustable, they are "living things" full generated and controlled by program codes."

The screenshots look lovely, and I've been poking around on Pan's FineArtAmerica page where code-generated plants make up a lot of the artist's portfolio:

Artist's portfolio

There's a lovely look to the flowering plums especially which I'm hoping might also make it through to the Flower Design project. They have a geometric-organic scratchiness and angularity which offsets the prettiness of the blossoms and they seem... fuller? busier? than the screenshots for Flower Studio. But either way, it was a nice thing to see this morning.

Flower Design

Flower Design

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