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Fluffy Fluffy News! Toonstruck Arrives On GOG


It bothers me to my core that Toonstruck is not a more widely remembered and adored '90s adventure. It deserves to be celebrated alongside LucasArts and Sierra, and yet so often goes forgotten. Thankfully, attention is being drawn to it once more as it finally arrives in GOG's collection. It's brilliant! You should play it.

Toonstruck, like so many other things from 1996, will be twenty years old next year, but I strongly contend this cartoon/human interaction adventure really holds up. Combining some utterly lovely hand-painted backdrops with exquisitely well animated cartoon characters and live action actors, it tells an amazing story of cartoonish Drew Blanc (Christopher Lloyd) getting sucked into his own cartoon creation, accompanied by his favourite character, Flux Wildly (Dan Castellaneta). There they must thwart the evil Count Nefarious (Tim Curry) and prevent all-out cartoon war.

Did you see the names I so nonchalantly popped in parentheses above? Christopher Lloyd off of Back To The Future and Who Framed Roger Rabbit! Dan Castellaneta off of Homer Simpson! Tim Curry off of every FMV game of the '90s, and Clue! Clue for heavens sake! And there's Ben Stein too, I guess.

I blabbered my enthusiasm for the game in greater detail on Eurogamer back in 2010, which you can read here.

I really don't understand the price, however. How a 19 year old game can possibly be £6.69 I do not know. I've gotten in trouble before for suggesting games of this age should be in the public domain by now, anyway. I'd love to see a price that's at least less than what it cost in its budget release in the sodding '90s, however. Grumble grumble.

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