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Fortnite is adding football kits, but not for my team so whatever who cares

23 kits from around the world yet no Hibs? Outrageous

As if a 100-player murderparty weren't reason enough to fight, Fortnite is adding football to the mix. Epic Games today announced they're introducing football kits from 23 teams around the world, bringing the beautiful game's sporting, political, and religious rivalries to the video game. Also I guess you can just take pride in your team, if you want. Local teams represented include Celtic, Rangers, Man City, and West Ham, then worldwide they have teams everywhere from Germany to Australia. They're holding a 4v4 fortball tournament too.

So! Come January 23rd, Fortnite will add Kickoff Set outfits, which can made set to the kit from any of the clubs Epic have signed up. Those are: Manchester City FC, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS Roma, Seattle Sounders FC, Atlanta United, Los Angeles FC, Santos FC, Wolves, West Ham United FC, Sevilla FC, Sporting CP, Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC Schalke 04, VFL Wolfsburg, Rangers FC, Celtic FC, Cerezo Osaka, Melbourne City FC, Sydney FC, Western Sydney Wanderers, EC Bahia. Nice to see West Ham got in, though with no Hibs I can only conclude this promotion is trash.

Epic are putting in a Péle air-punch emote too, cos football. While Epic plan to sell the kits and emote, they will offer a limited number as prizes in the Péle Cup. Starting Wednesday the 20th, the tournament will offer outfits and emotes to the top-scoring players, and the top three in each region will win signed FC Santos shirts too. Not a huge number up for grabs there, though - the rules list only 250 winners in some regions.

What's more interesting to me than all that is the new football-ish mode they're adding to Creative for this.

"Players will use their bodies, Pickaxes, power-ups, speed boosts and more to try to outscore their opponents and come out the winner in this 4v4 bracket style gamemode," Epic say. "Each game features two rounds, with the winners advancing to face off against and the other team battling for 3rd and 4th in the other match."

It'll be beautiful when players realise a teamie is wearing the kit of their footie team's rivals, yet they overcome any differences to grind the opposition into the grass. That, or voice chat will be filled with inflammatory chants. But I want to believe in the power of football.

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