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Jeepers: Four Sided Fantasy Will Bend Your Mind, The World


Update: Four Sided Fantasy's Kickstarter is now live.

Original: Wow.

I did not expect to stumble across a game of Four Sided Fantasy's clear caliber and inventiveness while lazily sipping coffee on a random mid-week evening/morning (depending on your timezone), nor did I expect to be interested in another puzzle-platformer in approximately the next ever again. But here I am. This one heralds from the level designer of student-made mindbender Perspective, and it's about folding space, and goodness. Just go watch the trailer. It's below.

It is certainly an attractive game. I'll give it that much. The color palette reminds me a bit of Braid, but the core puzzle-solving mechanic - thinking outside the screen and re-defining where the level begins and ends on a whim - is a different beast entirely. Here's a basic rundown:

"Four Sided Fantasy is a puzzle platformer about thinking beyond the borders of the screen. By freezing the screen, players can fold space to solve impossible problems."

"On their journey, players will use this power to explore the world of Four Sided Fantasy. Players take the role of a businessman insistent on breaking out of his seemingly endless office life. After being sent on a business trip to a small town, something seems off..."

Creator Logan Fieth is positioning this as a spiritual successor to his rather excellent solo project The Fourth Wall. John adored it, so I'm excited to see many of its best ideas expanded upon.

Four Sided Fantasy is heading to Kickstarter very soon (because of course), but for now it's only on Steam Greenlight. Does this fantasy strike your fancy?

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