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Fractured Space Free Weekend On Steam On Now

World of Tanks in space

Fractured Space [official site] is free this weekend on Steam. It's the early access cousin of Strike Suit Zero, which was from some of the same developers, and trades that game's nimble space fighters for gigantic capital ships. It's World of Tanks in space.

That sure sounds like a game that ought to exist and ought be good, but I haven't played it. Maybe you could check it out this weekend and confirm for me whether either of those things is true.

I mean, here is a trailer, but that doesn't mean it definitely exists:

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The free update coincides with the January update, which solidifies the game's tech tree in its final form and resets everyone's progress one last time. That means that "all ships, experience and credits unlocked from this point forward will be reflected in the final game," no matter what updates are to come between now and the game being finished later this year.

Fractured Space has been in early access since November 2014 and has been updated regularly in that time. This same update also expands the game's tutorial-like Proving Grounds, adds new equipment and new ships.

The game is free to play on Steam until 10am Pacific/6pm GMT on Monday, although you can keep it forever if you download it within the weekend window.

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