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FREE 3: A trio of free games as an antidote to E3 hype

Great games are here already

The exhibition rumbles on, and so we’re back with three free for E3 to suggest some games that you can play while waiting for release dates that seem oh so far away. And, as a bonus, these are all available at no cost whatsoever!

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Instead of Forza Horizon 4, play...

Sacramento by Dziff


Step away from English photorealism and into Californian watercolours. This game is as beautiful as it is brief, allowing you only a few minutes inside its truly gorgeous pastel world before fading away to evoke the sense of fleeting memories. Luckily you can jump back in as often as you like, whether it be to explore the lonely building flanked by giant water lilies or to hang out with some flamingo friends.

Instead of Rage 2, play...

The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car by Lox Rain


If you’re itching for some post-apocalyptic driving, there’s no need to wait. This game puts you in the shoes of two strangers on the road at night, with the threat of zombies on the horizon and nothing but each other for company. As the light fades, you get to talking about everything from music to family to the end of the world. Different dialogue choices lead to different endings, and it’s well worth experiencing the conversation from both perspectives, too.

Instead of Anthem, play...

MANDAGON by Blind Sky Studios


A stunning exploration platformer inspired by Tibetan theology. There is a non-linear story to unravel that digs into the themes of sacrifice and life and death, but if you’re anything like me you’ll just want to spend a lot of time soaking in every beautiful detail of its pixel art and listening to its impeccable sound design. It’s an incredibly soothing world to take a break in – the perfect antidote for all the bustle and excitement of E3!

Three Free For E3 will return tomorrow with three more suggestions of free games that you can play right now. Hit up the tag page for the rest of our E3 2018 coverage.

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