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Siege Three Dungeons For The Price Of One

Hrm. I'm a pretty wary of pre-ordering games personally - I like to hear at least some reception before I invest in a game - but if you were in the market for Dungeon Siege III anyway, you'll be very pleased to hear that future-buying it via Steam means you'll be gifted a free copy of both Dungeon Siege 1 and 2. Which is a pretty good deal - although I rather suspect that the kind of person who would pre-order Dungeon Siege III probably already owns the other games anyway. Still, this would appear to be their first appearance on Steam (if indeed that it how they're being distributed), so that's good news. Gradually transforming one's games library to a purely digital form is forever appealing - I know I've a whole bunch of disc-locked games that I wish could instead be summoned from the crowd.

Also, DS3 is confirmed as Steamworks title. More details on that below, like.

Well, you know full-well what Steamworks means- achievements, auto-updating, cloud saving, that kinda thing. But here is a man observing as much in an official statement kinda style:

"Providing DUNGEON SIEGE I and DUNGEON SIEGE II free of charge through Steamworks is Square Enix’s way of showing appreciation to the fans of the DUNGEON SIEGE franchise," said David Hoffman, executive producer for DUNGEON SIEGE III. "Selecting Steamworks to be integrated into the upcoming DUNGEON SIEGE III title made perfect sense as we wanted to provide the best possible gameplay experience for PC gamers and long-standing fans of the series.”

I don't know why he has to use all those capital letters. Is he angry? He sounds like he might be.

As for the free DS1/2 thing, I note that was already revealed in February - as well as claiming it would be only the singleplayer versions of the games. Yet I'm apparently not allowed to post this fact until 5pm today (I'm writing these words at 4.11pm, time-fans) - hopefully it's simply a matter of Steam pre-orders being activated at 5pm. The free games will apparently be made available to you as soon as you pre-order.

Dungeon Siege III, dev duties for which are tackled by Obsidian, is due for release on June 17, having recently slipped from its projected May release. We have some impressions of it here and here.

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