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Humble Summer Sale Kicks Off With Free Tropico 4


"We're cool for the summer," sang Demi Lovato in a song that is definitely not about, as some scurrilous pop culture commentators would have you believe, smooching (or WORSE!). No, Demi is singing about paying full-price for video games. It's cool for the summer but what then? What comes next? The answer is: the Humble Store End of Summer Sale. They've got over 3,000 games on sale and right now they won't let you pay even a penny for Tropico 4 - the dictatorship-building sim is free (as a Steam key).

If you fancy Tropico 4 for free (yeah, it's all right!) then shuffle on over to Humble. You've got until 10am Pacific (6pm UK time) on Saturday to grab it.

Beyond that, oh sheesh! There are thousands of games on sale. In the usual Humble way, some games come as Steam keys, some offer DRM-free downloads, and some have both. The Humble Store's catalogue overlaps a lot with Steam, so our three sets of recommendations from Valve's summer sale should still see you right.

Yes, Humble even have Deadly Premonition for £1.99.

This sale also introduces an option to get a little cash back as store credit. The Humble Store usually gives 10% of purchases to charity but right now that's only 5% by default. Customers are then given the option to either give another 5% to charity, to match that usual 10% contribution, or to get 5% for themselves as credit.

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