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Freedom Fighters returns to PC after 17 years

A hard-working plumber is back to save us

Freedom Fighters first hit the mean streets of PC in the days of ye old CD-ROMs, but IO Interactive have pulled out their old tactical shooter and dusted it off for the brave new world of digital distribution. After being unavailable on PC for years, Freedom Fighters is now available on modern digital storefronts for those of you looking to relive the year 2003.

"Freedom Fighters is an intense third-person action game set in an alternate history New York during the invasion of a foreign superpower," IOI say. "You’ll take on the role of Chris Stone, a hard-working plumber, who must rise through the ranks of the resistance to prove himself as a charismatic leader." As Chris, you'll liberate New York from invaders in tactical shootouts with your squad of 12 scrappy fighters. Sure is a blast from the past seeing a game with a transparently-named foreign "red army" instead of our own home-grown corporate overlords that serve as today's popular baddies.

In their announcement, IOI outline a few extra doses of nostalgia they've packed in with the release if you're keen for that. Along with the game, you'll nab the full official soundtrack plus two new tracks that were never previously included, plus a digital version of the original PC game manual, "including tips for closing background applications on Windows 98!"

You can find Freedom Fighters on GOG at the moment, but it will also launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store later today. IOI say you can snag a 33% discount on it, too, making it £7.59 / $9.89 during its launch week.

By the by, IOI announced last year that that both Hitman 3 and a new game are currently in the works. Freedom Fighters isn't new, but the Twitter account they've spun up for a 17-year-old game sure is, so do with that as you will.

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