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Freeware Garden: Able Mable Gets A Job


When Ruth Manning-Sanders retold the spooky, kids tale of The Old Whitch fifty years ago, she couldn't have possibly anticipated it would spawn such a wonderfully odd interactive thing as Able Mable Gets A Job. Nor could she have expected that so many naughty little jokes could fit into something so short and so whimsical.

Then again, Manning-Sanders didn't know much about minigames either and Able Mable Gets A Job is a sort of point-and-click adventure that does away with most of the adventuring bits to focus almost exclusively on minigames.

This is not a game about two sisters posing as maids in order to steal money from a witch. It's all about a peasant girl and a princess with wavy arms and no hands competing for the same job offered by either a witch or a widow, though most probably a witch.

Playing as Able Mable you'll take on the posh girl in a single day's trial that includes cleaning floors, vigorously spanking drapes and scrubbing pots. It's a day that also involves a lot of wild mouse moving and avoiding to drink foul-smelling tea. Also answering questions regarding whether you'd let a screaming bread out of an oven.

It's delightfully odd, naughty and very silly - and it has the strangest 16-colour EGA graphics.

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