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Freeware Garden: Adams Drive 32

Free stealth.

Corporation, a shooter the world outside Europe came to know as Cyber-Cop, was one of the first FPS games in the modern sense and, though it's nowadays quite a chore to play through, it still looks lovely. Its flat shaded environments still work beautifully and also happen to be what stealth-'em-up Adams Drive 32 instantly reminded me of.

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Adams Drive 32 is a game in which you rather obviously are not the good guy, for nice people do not infiltrate mansions in order to loot, kill everyone inside and finally escape, which, most probably incidentally, is yet another nod to Corporation. Yes, corporate killers are not particularly nice either.

Anyway, what you should probably know is that the game comes with lovely minimalistic flat shaded graphics that, besides being unique, atmospheric and stylish, also work in favour of the gameplay. You'll always know when it's dark enough to hide in the shadows and the orange-y enemies do handily stand out. Objectives are instantly obvious too, even if the best way of reaching them is not equally apparent.

Being a pretty straightforward stealth FPS, Adams Drive 32 doesn't try to do anything particularly ground breaking and focuses on being a polished, solid, effective and very entertaining shooter. You'll hide, plan routes, shoot guards, pull off the odd melee stealth kill, run through well lit corridors and have a great time trying to beat a tough, tense and rewarding game. A game where a single mistake will have you killed.

Minor problems, such as guards not noticing dead bodies or not making any sound when they are moving, should be forgiven, especially when taking into account that this is a jam game.

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