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Freeware Garden: Alice In The Mushroom Hole

After the pond.

The idea of an action game that has you constantly falling down has fascinated me enough to actually craft my own very short VVVVVV level of the sort; it was quite obviously nothing when compared to Alice In The Mushroom Hole, but it was mine and I loved it.

Anyway. We all now have colourful, fantasy, falling-sim Alice In The Mushroom Hole and its platforming, puzzle antics to play with and I couldn't be happier. Following the cute white rabbit is a wise thing to do.

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Especially if you care for single-direction games filled with different kinds of mostly bouncy fungi and no discernible floor. A game where you always fall and have to avoid obstacles, swiftly recognize and solve puzzles, float around and collect coins that will transform the scenery and the way everything works.

Collect three barrel coins for example and things will go dark and moody while the mushrooms turn to cannon-like barrels capable of shooting Alice around. Collect three flower/funnel coins to shrink yourself and fly through a playful, colorful place inhabited by bubble shooting snakes. The puzzle solving opportunities are evident or at least will be after you've flown through three worlds and roughly 30 sub-levels.

As an added bonus, what with Alice In The Mushroom Hole being an Awesome Music Gamejam game, it comes with a great soundtrack by composer Jermiah Pena.

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