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Freeware Garden: bird song

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Daniel Linssen of Roguelight fame has once again been inspired by a Ludum Dare competition to do wonderful things with the metroidvania formula. Namely, to fit a delicious and beyond hefty platformer into a single screen and call it bird song.

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But how is that even possible? How could anyone cram dozens of rooms, intricate levels and deep pits into one screen? Well, have a look at the image above and you'll probably figure it out. bird song projects the part of the game you're currently in onto a sphere and enlarges it, while everything else slides to the background.

Not only is this a clever and innovative trick, but it also makes for quite the visual effect and helps keep the delightfully grumpy bird protagonist centre stage at all times.

Other than that, one can only assume that this particular bird's grumpiness can be attributed to its lack of flying skills and merely modest jumping abilities. Should you manage to navigate this challenging, expertly designed and downright solid game, collect all seven gems, build nests and fully upgrade your avatar, chances are you'll end up with a way jollier avian protagonist and a lovely freebie you'll want to tell everyone about.

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