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Freeware Garden: Bladesque

Knives for a pro

GameJolt's Indies VS PewDiePie Jam has proved way more popular than I ever expected it to and, though I am not certain this is a good thing, a few hundred new freeware games isn't something to scoff at.

Bladesque, created by a talented team of six, is the undisputed leader in knife throwing sims. A burlesque, absurd and disturbingly fun game that lets you play with all sorts blades, and which takes breaks from calculating throwing physics in order to supernaturally read your very, very odd future.

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And though everybody knows that circus jobs can be incredibly entertaining to simulate, Bladesque wisely injects an extra bit of sadism and a ton of demented humour into the proceedings.

Enter the even happier world of tarot cards!

When you get to throw all those exotic knives (and sometimes a banana or a fish) at poor, highly dismember-able bearded guys strapped on wheels, accidents happen. Especially when you are trying to either scare the poor bastards or cut their arms off, and even when the game is in a less gory mood, simply having to pop a balloon could end up being a study in splatter dynamics.

Despite the grim subject matter, everything feels jolly, owing to a fantastic soundtrack that wouldn't feel out of place in 19th century Paris - provided electronic music had already been invented.

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