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Freeware Garden: FROGGY (It's Hungry)

Crossy road

FROGGY (It's Hungry) is not Frog Fractions 2. I know you might be inclined to believe it is, but, really, it's not. Even its dev said so, though admittedly only after describing it as the Citizen Kane of frogs, which it could actually be if it were a bit longer, which, well, it isn't.

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What is it then? I am not certain to be honest, but it'd be safe to describe FROGGY as a pretty hilarious and deeply disturbed short game that starts off by asking you to provide it with your name. A bit like this:

Do so and proceed to watch an astonishingly odd intro I will not spoil here, followed by a weird, essentially turn-based version of Frogger played on the cozy asphalt-fields of Armageddon Highway. All you'll have to do is avoid being run over or caught in an explosion and eat enough butterflies to make it to the next level and, consequently, to the next glorious loading screen.

There are only five levels on offer and, no, things do not take wild unexpected turns that redefine the way you look at games, though they do stay consistently silly and fun. Funny too and filled with little touches you are bound to appreciate in the ten or so precious minutes of entertainment FROGGY is eager to provide you with.

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