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Freeware Garden: Ghost Wheel?

Ghost Wheel!

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Ghost Wheel? is not an oddly named game, but it is an odd theme for a game jam. The result is a downloadable, freeware bundle sporting nine games, each starring ghosts and wheels in different formations.

Walk below to find out what they are called (and what they are all about).

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AGPPBP - Stands for A Ghost Porno Page By Page and, though disappointingly SFW, is an excellent little thing to, uhm, explore. Excellent!

Invasion - A shoot-and-avoid-'em-up with you starring as the chunky, ghostly protagonist. Fun for ten minutes, but it really looks lovely.

A Walk In The Rain - A walk through a 3D effect.

Everyday Ghosts - More of an exploration thing with some vague goals, a few interactions and aesthetics that should remind you of Kentucky Route Zero. Actually, I'd call it beautiful and filled with delightful things (I won't spoil) to run into.

Ghost - In which you play as a cute little ghost trying to not-so-cutely scare two children, mainly by switching lights on and off.

Spooky Ghost Wheel Town - It's not just the terrific and lovingly animated pixel-art. It's the great platforming and early Mario-esque action that had me playing this little thing for a couple hours. And then another.

Carnighoul - Nice static shooter utlizing the GameBoy's palette.

Music for Decay - An isometric endless runner that looks a bit like something you'd be playing on a NES. Ghosts are implied. Subtly.

Prowl - My absolute favourite offering of the nine and a slightly interactive car ride accompanied by some brilliant jazz music. You can do only two things in this one, but your enjoyment of the musical, atmospheric ride through a misty town is guaranteed.

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