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Freeware Garden: HASTE (Time-bending Action)

Super hot.

HASTE (Time-bending action) is still an extended prototype, but it's an accomplished, sleek and impressive first person parkour-'em-up that took me over two hours to beat and definitely not to master. Borrowing ideas from such clever games as Super Hot and Mirror's Edge, HASTE has you constantly running away for survival. Interestingly, when you run, time runs slower for everything and everyone but you.

Helpful as this sounds though, you should be prepared to die often; HASTE has been designed with the hardcore in mind. Despite the simple, essentially obvious, controls you have only seconds to take in the surrounding geography, plan a route and start running and jumping -- in first person of course.

You'll sprint through parking lots and over roofs, you'll navigate a demented BMX track, avoid toxic waste waves and hanging wires, survive crumbling buildings and eventually make it to the subway station and your escape from the rather dangerous Sector C. Your speed-run, you'll be happy to know, has also been a very successful test of a muscle-enhancement technology. Also, if you were fast enough and collected all the secrets you may have even achieved a highscore. I've seen videos of actual people escaping in less than four minutes. Just saying.

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