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Freeware Garden: IAMJASON

160x90 pixel adventure.

IAMJASON is a dystopian sci-fi point-and-click adventure about losing something. Well, everything actually, though it does let you fight and defeat corruption. The corruption to be exact, which is quite an honourable thing to do, especially when accomplished in resolutions as low and chunky as 160x90.

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It is a resolution that allows for some wonderfully stylized visuals and, in the capable hands that crafted IAMJASON, for highly atmospheric graphics and smart pixel effects. Also for the creation of far more locations than one would expect to find in an adventure created in less than a month for the MAGS competition.

Even more impressive though are the game's overall quality, depth, polish and atmosphere. A lot of work, thought and talent have been poured into IAMJASON and it shows. Its interface is sleek and minimal, its concept clever and well realized, its dialogue uniquely presented and its plot touching and mysterious.

Jason is perceptive.

Running into your precious wife and son encased in some sort of storage thing adds a certain urgency to solving puzzles. Puzzles that, for example, have you distracting a demon with a flashing screen by placing a rock on the button that controls it, so that you can grab a key to unlock more routes. Advancing in the game requires lateral thinking and will probably make your brain hurt. IAMJASON still has me stuck, even. It is an infuriating yet also sweet and almost forgotten sensation, and something old-fashioned adventure lovers may cherish.

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