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Freeware Garden: Iron Snout


One of the most important thing we have all learned on the internet is that pigs are both smart and awesome. Now Iron Snout is here to teach us they can also make for excellent fighters, and it does so by being a lovely, fast-paced, vividly coloured and cartoon-y fighting game pitting a single heroic pig against countless wolves.

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And I do mean countless, since Iron Snout is endless and offers an imaginative menagerie of wolves to kick, dragon punch and stab for as long as you can last.

The game throws at you wolves carrying butcher's knives, wearing antlers, riding pogo-halberds, flying with the help of Looney Tunes inspired fireworks or just attacking you with their fists from both sides of the screen. Your pig, stuck in the middle, has an arsenal of moves it can resort to in order to survive wave upon wave of foes. A bit of button mashing will allow you to pull off a pretty lethal ballet or even attack using its enemies' severed heads.

Discovering all the attack combos is hugely entertaining, and will probably help you approach my highscore of 327 kills.

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