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Freeware Garden: Jet/Lag


Procedural dungeons weren't created solely for the RPG-style hacking and slashing of monsters and that's why Jet/Lag is being labeled a hyper minimal rogue-like-like-like. It might take place in some of the noisiest, most randomly generated dungeons possible, but there's nothing here to remind you of roleplaying or of turn-based mechanics.

Jet/Lag is an incredibly hectic arcade offering instead. A game in which you simply point with your mouse at where you want your rectangular avatar to move to, click and watch it dash there. Anything it rams it instantly kills in a most fulfilling way, but touch something at low speed or be touched while thinking where to move to next and you are dead.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, after your first twenty in-game deaths you'll probably realize that playing Jet/Lag is more challenging than it sounds and, happily, much more entertaining too. Devising tactics on the fly, quickly clicking and keeping an eye out for new threats is as exciting as it is taxing.

What's more, things never really get old, what with the varied enemies and power ups on offer. By the time you've gotten yourself a handy buddy, are discharging electricity out of your, err, sides and avoiding laser shooting enemies you'll be a most deeply satisfied Jet/Lag expert.

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